The class specialities

11 10 2010

The TLBB fighting styles vary between all of the classes – Pyromancer, Lotus, Minstrel, Shaolin, Beggars, Royalty, VooDoo, Assassin and Taoist.

Each of these schools of Kung Fu represent a different Martial Arts philosophy growing from the uniqueness of their heritage and the history that has made its adepts the warriors that they are.

Choosing your class is the first and by far the most important decision you will make at the very beginning of your time in the TLBB world (level 10). Whichever class you pledge allegiance will shape the rest of your adventure and determine your role in teams and guilds.

There is not right or wrong answer to this one as all classess are balanced and have their strenghts and weaknesses so it’s entirely up to your individual playstyle preferences which one should be your choice.

What is your emphasis when you play…

Supportive magic, and a lot of it while being able to withstand magical onsloughts are the traits of both the trap setting VooDoo and the healing Lotus.

Pyromancer is the Kung Fu class heaily relying on dealing close combat damage!

If you want to easily brush off enemy attacks than Shaolin is the monastery that you should sign up for.

f you favour powerful ranged attacks Taoist should be your main class interest…

Defence against critical blows and accurate punches are both abilities mastered by all Royalty fighters, while Beggars  and Minstrel hold their grownd with the hgih dexterity of their fighting moves.

Which hero are you? The damage absorbing Shaolin tank or team supporting Lotus healer?


Get an Emerald Dragon mount!

28 09 2010

It’s your chance to ride the Emerald Dragon!

Players who exchange a minimum of 100 Tokens (or more) for the first time between the 22nd of September and 19th of October, 2010, will receive a Level 3 Ruby (stuff bag) and an Emerald Dragon mount (item bag) to go with it!

Auspicious Sun (66, 39) will automatically give these items along with the riding skill to use this rare mount for players to show off their new addition.

emerald dragon screenshot

Please note that this is a special, one-off event and the mount is not available for purchase in the token shop or obtainable anywhere in game.

This will happen only once, and only during the event period – 22nd September to 19th October so not to miss your opportunity buy any ammount of tokens now! (Tip: if you buy €5 worth you will get extra 20% tokens as a bonus!)

TLBB : The Shadow Curse comming soon!

27 08 2010

Attention all TLBB fans!

We, ChangYou, are proud to announce the long-awaited release of the newest expansion to TLBB – The Shadow Curse!

New weapons, new scenes, new functions and new events – all coming to you on 1st September.

The newest update to the game will introduce a lot of new features to an already rich content of the Ancient Chinese world in TLBB.

“We’re really excited for everyone who’s been keen to find out more about the next instalment of TLBB. Now is a better time than ever for people to jump into this ancient Chinese world and witness the genuine feel it has to offer with the inclusion of some great features and a token shop that caters for everyone. The expansion, titled The Shadow Curse, is a thrilling milestone for the game, bringing with it new weapons, scenes, quests, bosses and more which will also be of value to new players wanting to experience TLBB” – European Marketing Director for

For more information about the latest TLBB expansion (v0.85) The Shadow Curse, please visit the expansion page:

And be sure to keep your eye on the mini-site as there are more exciting news to come!

60 Second Interview with the Mount Illustrator

16 08 2010

Illustrator Tengfei Wu gives his account on TLBB’s Trusty and Visually Spectacular Mount Designs

Please introduce yourself and what you do at

My name’s Tengfei Wu, I’m 25 years old and I’ve worked as an illustrator now for over two years… I’m in charge of the TLBB project here.

‘Mounts’ are among the most popular features of TLBB. What inspires you when creating these fantasy creatures?

There are so many things that inspire me. From watching fantasy movies, to marine life and ancient legends that I might come across in museums or read about, it can be the smallest of things that trigger an idea in my head. With a creative mindset, I’m always aware of the little details surrounding me which I try to implement in TLBB.

Mounts are seen as a way of ‘showing off’ and getting around quickly. Do you take these two points into consideration when in the design process?

Both of them should be considered. I am more concerned about the visible result of the mounts and the cool appearance of them that satisfy the gamer’s needs rather than the ‘speed’ functionality which isn’t implemented until a later stage of the development process. On a design point of view however, illustrators will try to avoid the appearance of a slow mount, just because they are much cooler when they move quickly.

Some of the Mounts in TLBB are specifically designed for speed, others for looks, but each class boasts its own mount. How did you go about choosing the mount design for the specific classes?

When we design mounts for classes, we tend to know the features of the classes first. Knowing this makes it a smoother process when choosing the most suitable class mount. There’s no specific formula or reasoning behind the decision, we simply choose which we think will go best.

How much creative freedom do you have when designing these mounts? And how much of it follows a brief?

Most of the mounts are creative freedom. Some of the mounts are designed with the intention of meeting gamers’ needs but most of them are from our own creative brushes which are in line with the feel, look and story of the game.

For more about TLBB’s story, please visit:

What was your biggest challenge when creating these mounts?

The biggest challenge is how to design different mounts, whilst meeting the gamers’ needs at the same time. In order for our players to be happy, we must listen to the community and what it is they want within the game. We also want to show the diversity of the game and create new and exciting visuals when it comes to future expansions and features. All these elements combined, give us a starting block and from thereon we begin to design mastery.

Which one are you most proud of and why?

The Yan beast has to be my personal favourite. It’s overbearing, strong without clumsiness and very hot tempered. Like me!

If you could choose one mount to convert into your real life mode of transport, which would it be?

I would choose the Phoenix or the Dragon so that I can fly from my home to the office without having to use the lift!


For more information, please visit the official TLBB website: and for all discussions and giveaways, please visit the forum:

The First ever TLBB Connect

28 07 2010

If you ever wanted to become a true Kung-Fu legend and a player to be reckoned with on the Dragon server you NEED other’s support… and here is the perfect opportunity !

This meet-up is all about getting new friends and allies in game so you can take on even bigger challenges side by side with other powerful martial artists!

Today marks the first day of TLBB Connect and we saw a lot of people turning up and having a great time!

The atmosphere was lively to say the least! Appart from the normal pleasantries everyone was cracking jokes and aching for some event thrills.

We have held three events in total:

Question and Answer – I had 13 questions about the game (like where can you meet someone or what level do you have to be to do something) and the quickest one to answer would get a Luxury Blue Capsule (double exp item) – and quick they certainly were. Sometimes it was a matter of a second or just two to get an answer to questions like ” Where can you get Loquats?” or “Where can you meet a Crocosaur?”!

The love for the game – the participants were given an objective to form groups of 6 and using the overhead mood status spell out (each using one symbol) “I ❤ T L B B” – with chaos and confusion all around complete strangers managed to arrange themselves within seconds and it was a very tight race to form the phrase!  In the end one team prevailed and has happily set of in their new Life Force Fashions!

The bunny massacre! – everyone was given a task to bring me a male and a female white rabbit pet… and the entire Town Square emptied within seconds! People raided the Pet Island with ferocity seen only in barbarian horde mercilessly killing off anything with white ears and a fluffy tail! This event had two winners and both were awarded for their bravery with a curious White Rabbit Mount!

After I was out of prizes to give out the crowd kept demanding for more… but I made a swift exit and went to make myself some tea to calm down from all the mad fun!

The next event will be held this Friday (30th July) so don’t miss your chance to meet some new people and have fun doing it!

Victorious when united, defeated if divided!

Have Your Say! The Official TLBB Survey

17 06 2010

TLBB has been developed in China and based around a famous Chinese novel, but from the official start of the Dragon Server (On 1st April) we, the ChangYou team have put the game in YOUR hands.

We have gathered some suggestions on the forum and in-game but to make a real impact (and convince the development team ;)) we need to hear your collective opinions!

This is the opportunity for you to make a real difference and influence the game with just 5 minutes of your time!


To make this game-shaping opportunity even sweeter we have teamed up with SteelSeries – a renouned gaming gear brand – and will be offering a prize draw to everyone who completes the TLBB survey! (don’t forget to leave your email address)

Everyone who answers all the questions will be in for a chance to recieve one of the following prizes:

– SteelSeries Xai Gaming Mouse

– SteelSeries Siberia v2 Gaming Headset

– SteelSeries 6Gv2 Gaming Keyboard

– SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad

We are waiting to hear YOUR opinion!

The best of the best of the best!

17 06 2010

TLBB is all about building a community and getting together. It’s that user interaction and team building skills that makes the top players successful and highly ranked!

We would like to give a big shout out and send our congratulations on this ocasion to one of the leading Dragon Server Guilds – StrawHats.

Their Guild City, located by the WereWolf Plains East has reached Government level 5 and many players have joined them for the celebration of this extraordinary achievement!

100 G fireworks display!

We took this opportunity to have a few words with Cityhunter who is the fearless leader of StrawHats!
– Hello, please introduce yourself, tell us how long have you been playing TLBB and how did you become the leader of StrawHats.
Hi Sanzaburo thank you for your interest in our guild. My name is CityHunter, I come from England and have been playing since closed beta. I wanted to form the StrawHats as a guild of friends and have since grew very large.
– Where did the name “Straw Hats” come from?
StrawHats name was inspired by the Manga “One Piece”. StrawHats is THE Pirate crew!
– What makes Straw Hats different from any other guild in TLBB? If you would like to convince a player to join you guys, what would you say about Straw Hats to persuade him?
We are a international friendly guild that helps our members by introducing them to ingame events, the world of TLBB and frequently offer advice when its needed.
– How many players does your guild currently have?
We currently have 160 members.
– Where are the Guild members from?
Our members are from all over europe England, Bulgaria, Romania to name a few and also members as far as Philipines and Singapore.
– If someone would like to join Straw Hats – what are your requirements and how can a person apply?
We currently adhere to lvl35+ members so we have people around the same levels and can participate on events together. They may apply at Lou Yang City – Guild NPC ‘Just Fan’
– Thank you for this interview and good luck in the future!
Thanks and I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one from the guild who contributed greatly. Especially Stupple, Liz, Jing, Muha, Ramzes, Jen, IceQueen, Darkk and BULLDOG.