The First ever TLBB Connect

28 07 2010

If you ever wanted to become a true Kung-Fu legend and a player to be reckoned with on the Dragon server you NEED other’s support… and here is the perfect opportunity !

This meet-up is all about getting new friends and allies in game so you can take on even bigger challenges side by side with other powerful martial artists!

Today marks the first day of TLBB Connect and we saw a lot of people turning up and having a great time!

The atmosphere was lively to say the least! Appart from the normal pleasantries everyone was cracking jokes and aching for some event thrills.

We have held three events in total:

Question and Answer – I had 13 questions about the game (like where can you meet someone or what level do you have to be to do something) and the quickest one to answer would get a Luxury Blue Capsule (double exp item) – and quick they certainly were. Sometimes it was a matter of a second or just two to get an answer to questions like ” Where can you get Loquats?” or “Where can you meet a Crocosaur?”!

The love for the game – the participants were given an objective to form groups of 6 and using the overhead mood status spell out (each using one symbol) “I ❤ T L B B” – with chaos and confusion all around complete strangers managed to arrange themselves within seconds and it was a very tight race to form the phrase!  In the end one team prevailed and has happily set of in their new Life Force Fashions!

The bunny massacre! – everyone was given a task to bring me a male and a female white rabbit pet… and the entire Town Square emptied within seconds! People raided the Pet Island with ferocity seen only in barbarian horde mercilessly killing off anything with white ears and a fluffy tail! This event had two winners and both were awarded for their bravery with a curious White Rabbit Mount!

After I was out of prizes to give out the crowd kept demanding for more… but I made a swift exit and went to make myself some tea to calm down from all the mad fun!

The next event will be held this Friday (30th July) so don’t miss your chance to meet some new people and have fun doing it!

Victorious when united, defeated if divided!


Have Your Say! The Official TLBB Survey

17 06 2010

TLBB has been developed in China and based around a famous Chinese novel, but from the official start of the Dragon Server (On 1st April) we, the ChangYou team have put the game in YOUR hands.

We have gathered some suggestions on the forum and in-game but to make a real impact (and convince the development team ;)) we need to hear your collective opinions!

This is the opportunity for you to make a real difference and influence the game with just 5 minutes of your time!


To make this game-shaping opportunity even sweeter we have teamed up with SteelSeries – a renouned gaming gear brand – and will be offering a prize draw to everyone who completes the TLBB survey! (don’t forget to leave your email address)

Everyone who answers all the questions will be in for a chance to recieve one of the following prizes:

– SteelSeries Xai Gaming Mouse

– SteelSeries Siberia v2 Gaming Headset

– SteelSeries 6Gv2 Gaming Keyboard

– SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad

We are waiting to hear YOUR opinion!

The best of the best of the best!

17 06 2010

TLBB is all about building a community and getting together. It’s that user interaction and team building skills that makes the top players successful and highly ranked!

We would like to give a big shout out and send our congratulations on this ocasion to one of the leading Dragon Server Guilds – StrawHats.

Their Guild City, located by the WereWolf Plains East has reached Government level 5 and many players have joined them for the celebration of this extraordinary achievement!

100 G fireworks display!

We took this opportunity to have a few words with Cityhunter who is the fearless leader of StrawHats!
– Hello, please introduce yourself, tell us how long have you been playing TLBB and how did you become the leader of StrawHats.
Hi Sanzaburo thank you for your interest in our guild. My name is CityHunter, I come from England and have been playing since closed beta. I wanted to form the StrawHats as a guild of friends and have since grew very large.
– Where did the name “Straw Hats” come from?
StrawHats name was inspired by the Manga “One Piece”. StrawHats is THE Pirate crew!
– What makes Straw Hats different from any other guild in TLBB? If you would like to convince a player to join you guys, what would you say about Straw Hats to persuade him?
We are a international friendly guild that helps our members by introducing them to ingame events, the world of TLBB and frequently offer advice when its needed.
– How many players does your guild currently have?
We currently have 160 members.
– Where are the Guild members from?
Our members are from all over europe England, Bulgaria, Romania to name a few and also members as far as Philipines and Singapore.
– If someone would like to join Straw Hats – what are your requirements and how can a person apply?
We currently adhere to lvl35+ members so we have people around the same levels and can participate on events together. They may apply at Lou Yang City – Guild NPC ‘Just Fan’
– Thank you for this interview and good luck in the future!
Thanks and I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one from the guild who contributed greatly. Especially Stupple, Liz, Jing, Muha, Ramzes, Jen, IceQueen, Darkk and BULLDOG.

Meet the TLBB mascots

27 05 2010

“mas·cot (mskt, -kt) n. A person, animal, or object believed to bring good luck, especially one kept as the symbol of an organization such as a sports team.”

In late 2009 ChangYou, the publisher of TLBB has searched high and low to find the best suitable pet to bring the Asia’s top MMO fans luck during their long struggles against foes in the ancient China lore. The quest has lead the developer to the Chengdu Research Institute of Giant Panda Breeding.

ChangYou(NASDAQ: CYOU) has decided to adopt to pandas – Tian Tian and Long Long. The two charming one-year olds have been adopted by the company and their growth to mature bears has became a symbol of the game’s growth to one of Asia’s most popular MMORPGs with over 50 million accounts registered!

In a press conference, Zhenglin Xia, deputy Supervisor from Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center, expressed thanks to ChangYou’s charitable activity.  He said although this was the first cooperation of this sort for the institute, TLBB’s pupularity, has enable to draw a lot of attention to Tian Tian and Long Long helping them to become real animal celebrities!

Tian Tian:

Age: 1.5 years old

Gender: Female

Weight: 27 kg

This round faced cub is kind in nature but also very greedy when it comes to food! Tian Tian always finishes her meal first and loves fighting for extra portions.

Long Long:

Age: 1.5 years old

Gender: Female

Weight: 28kg

This big eared fellow is gentle but also very active loving to climb trees and play all days.

Your chance to make fun of us… ?!

14 05 2010

Meet Jon.

Jon is our talented PR manager and he agreed to be the victim… ekhmm… I mean participant in our newest cntest!

Yes! To get you guys closer to the people behind your online favourite game we have decided to hold a little event where you add your text to the blank text clouds and make a comic out of our template:

Follow the link to the event thread and take part in this funny competition to get your very own Snow Wings!

More interviews!

11 05 2010

Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer… friend or foe you will surely know Vincie and Fish who are top level players in the Dragon server!

Enjoy the interview…

Sanzaburo: Hi! Please introduce yourself! How old are you, where do you play from?
Vincie: I’m 26 years old, I play from Germany.
Fish: Hi I’m fish, this year I will be 20 years old, and I play from Belgium.

Sanzaburo: Where and how did you find out about the game? How long have you been playing TLBB?
Vincie: We are looking for TLBB Server from EU for a long time, because I have already played TLBB by Chinese Server for 1 year, but the lower internet speed to Chinese Server made me often uncomfortable. Then we found TLBB EU Server at closed beta, it’s really have fun with high speed playing.
Fish: My friend introduced TLBB for me and I played from TLBB open beta start.

Sanzaburo: What class do you currently play and why did you choose it? What’s your favorite skill?
Vincie: I’m playing right now by Lotus Order, because by our team need someone for healing, for 1 year played TLBB in Chinese Server, we knew that we get stronger and for better experiences must have a good team, and healing for the others is very important. Three Pronged Assault is the best skill that i like. but i knew the 45 skill Divine Vitality for Lotus in Lunar Bible is the best of the best skill, please take it out as soon as possible in our Sever.
Fish: I’m Minstrel, I choose Minstrel because I like ranged classes. My favorite skill is Target.

Sanzaburo: What do you like the most about TLBB, what makes you keep playing it?
Vincie: There are many reason, the beautiful scene, the powerful skills, traditional Chinese culture and so on…
Fish: The best thing I like is the possibility to PK and I also made a lot of friends in game.

Sanzaburo: What kind of play do you like best? PvP, instances, quests or just slashing random monsters?
Vincie: Instances and killing bosses like the one in Yan Tomb and Dragon Tortoise….
Fish: I like to play PvP.

Sanzaburo: How much time daily or weekly do you spend playing the game?
Vincie: Right now I spend about 8hours everyday.
Fish: I play everyday, but the hours depend on my free time.

Sanzaburo: Can you give a few tips to all those aspiring to have such a high level as yours (85!)?
Vincie: Get a good team and good teamwork.
Fish: I was hardcore leveling every day with my friends.

Sanzaburo: Ok! Thanks for this little chat, hope to see you in game soon!
Vincie: Thanks! Bye!
Fish: Thank you. See you.

High level player interview

5 05 2010

This week we managed to track down THE player on the Dragon Server – Mango.
She is currently Level 85 and has been the lone number one for a long while (even though four other players managed to catch up recently).

Whe managed to ask her a few questions before she ran off to slash more enemies, so enjoy the interview:

Hi! Please introduce yourself! How old are you, where do you play from?
My name is Judy (aka Mango in TLBB), I am 26 and I play from Edinburgh in UK.

How long have you been playing TLBB?
I have been playing for about a year now, having started on the Chinese server.

Where and how did you find out about the game?
TLBB is quite famous in Asia and when I arrived in the UK I came across it on the homepage.

What class do you currently play and why did you choose it?
I am currently playing lotus which is a healer what makes it very easy to find and join raiding groups.

What do you like the most about TLBB, what makes you keep playing it?
The community. I can find a lot of good friend in-game, and I actually have made a lot of good ones.

How much time do you spend playing the game?
I play around 2 to 6 hours daily. It varies. During the weekends it’s more like 4 to 6 hours and 2 hours during the weekdays.

Can you give a few tips to all those aspiring to have such a high level as yours (85!) ?
It’s important to find a regular group of 5 people to join and play together. The 6 of us can play for one hour together and get around 1.8 million exp in Yan Tomb 9!

Wouldn’t like to take any more of your valuable playing time so thank you for the interview, have fun in the game and bye 🙂
Thanks! Bye~!