New TLBB Community Website Launched!

9 03 2011

Greetings Kung Fu Warriors!

This week is pleased to announce the launch of its newly re-vamped TLBB Community Website. Here you will find an all-new Game Guide, an upgraded Media Section, and enhanced Community features including a brand-new fansite kit.

If you’re new to TLBB you might like to first check out our Get­ting Star­ted sec­tion. Here you will find all the inform­a­tion you need to know to help you get star­ted, from game Install­a­tion to Enter­ing the Game World for the first time.

TLBB Class Mounts

For a deeper look at TLBB and the fant­astic vari­ety it offers, you might like to visit the Classes sec­tion. Here you will find detailed descrip­tions of each of TLBB’s nine classes, along with ded­ic­ated pages list­ing the Class Skills of each class ran­ging from the deadly Assas­sin class, to the regal Roy­alty class and the self­less Lotus Order.

For more advanced fea­tures, then please see our selec­tion of guides ran­ging from the TLBB Guild Sys­tem to the Rela­tion­ship Sys­tem, and Player vs Player.

While we hope to have covered the vast major­ity of fea­tures you will encounter dur­ing your time play­ing TLBB, there is a whole wealth of fur­ther con­tent avail­able to you as cre­ated by our diverse and bur­geon­ing community. To find fur­ther inform­a­tion on TLBB, please visit the community-​run TLBB Wiki. Altern­at­ively, why not visit the TLBB Com­munity For­ums.

Happy Gam­ing!




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