The class specialities

11 10 2010

The TLBB fighting styles vary between all of the classes – Pyromancer, Lotus, Minstrel, Shaolin, Beggars, Royalty, VooDoo, Assassin and Taoist.

Each of these schools of Kung Fu represent a different Martial Arts philosophy growing from the uniqueness of their heritage and the history that has made its adepts the warriors that they are.

Choosing your class is the first and by far the most important decision you will make at the very beginning of your time in the TLBB world (level 10). Whichever class you pledge allegiance will shape the rest of your adventure and determine your role in teams and guilds.

There is not right or wrong answer to this one as all classess are balanced and have their strenghts and weaknesses so it’s entirely up to your individual playstyle preferences which one should be your choice.

What is your emphasis when you play…

Supportive magic, and a lot of it while being able to withstand magical onsloughts are the traits of both the trap setting VooDoo and the healing Lotus.

Pyromancer is the Kung Fu class heaily relying on dealing close combat damage!

If you want to easily brush off enemy attacks than Shaolin is the monastery that you should sign up for.

f you favour powerful ranged attacks Taoist should be your main class interest…

Defence against critical blows and accurate punches are both abilities mastered by all Royalty fighters, while Beggars  and Minstrel hold their grownd with the hgih dexterity of their fighting moves.

Which hero are you? The damage absorbing Shaolin tank or team supporting Lotus healer?




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