TLBB : The Shadow Curse comming soon!

27 08 2010

Attention all TLBB fans!

We, ChangYou, are proud to announce the long-awaited release of the newest expansion to TLBB – The Shadow Curse!

New weapons, new scenes, new functions and new events – all coming to you on 1st September.

The newest update to the game will introduce a lot of new features to an already rich content of the Ancient Chinese world in TLBB.

“We’re really excited for everyone who’s been keen to find out more about the next instalment of TLBB. Now is a better time than ever for people to jump into this ancient Chinese world and witness the genuine feel it has to offer with the inclusion of some great features and a token shop that caters for everyone. The expansion, titled The Shadow Curse, is a thrilling milestone for the game, bringing with it new weapons, scenes, quests, bosses and more which will also be of value to new players wanting to experience TLBB” – European Marketing Director for

For more information about the latest TLBB expansion (v0.85) The Shadow Curse, please visit the expansion page:

And be sure to keep your eye on the mini-site as there are more exciting news to come!




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