The First ever TLBB Connect

28 07 2010

If you ever wanted to become a true Kung-Fu legend and a player to be reckoned with on the Dragon server you NEED other’s support… and here is the perfect opportunity !

This meet-up is all about getting new friends and allies in game so you can take on even bigger challenges side by side with other powerful martial artists!

Today marks the first day of TLBB Connect and we saw a lot of people turning up and having a great time!

The atmosphere was lively to say the least! Appart from the normal pleasantries everyone was cracking jokes and aching for some event thrills.

We have held three events in total:

Question and Answer – I had 13 questions about the game (like where can you meet someone or what level do you have to be to do something) and the quickest one to answer would get a Luxury Blue Capsule (double exp item) – and quick they certainly were. Sometimes it was a matter of a second or just two to get an answer to questions like ” Where can you get Loquats?” or “Where can you meet a Crocosaur?”!

The love for the game – the participants were given an objective to form groups of 6 and using the overhead mood status spell out (each using one symbol) “I ❤ T L B B” – with chaos and confusion all around complete strangers managed to arrange themselves within seconds and it was a very tight race to form the phrase!  In the end one team prevailed and has happily set of in their new Life Force Fashions!

The bunny massacre! – everyone was given a task to bring me a male and a female white rabbit pet… and the entire Town Square emptied within seconds! People raided the Pet Island with ferocity seen only in barbarian horde mercilessly killing off anything with white ears and a fluffy tail! This event had two winners and both were awarded for their bravery with a curious White Rabbit Mount!

After I was out of prizes to give out the crowd kept demanding for more… but I made a swift exit and went to make myself some tea to calm down from all the mad fun!

The next event will be held this Friday (30th July) so don’t miss your chance to meet some new people and have fun doing it!

Victorious when united, defeated if divided!



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