The best of the best of the best!

17 06 2010

TLBB is all about building a community and getting together. It’s that user interaction and team building skills that makes the top players successful and highly ranked!

We would like to give a big shout out and send our congratulations on this ocasion to one of the leading Dragon Server Guilds – StrawHats.

Their Guild City, located by the WereWolf Plains East has reached Government level 5 and many players have joined them for the celebration of this extraordinary achievement!

100 G fireworks display!

We took this opportunity to have a few words with Cityhunter who is the fearless leader of StrawHats!
– Hello, please introduce yourself, tell us how long have you been playing TLBB and how did you become the leader of StrawHats.
Hi Sanzaburo thank you for your interest in our guild. My name is CityHunter, I come from England and have been playing since closed beta. I wanted to form the StrawHats as a guild of friends and have since grew very large.
– Where did the name “Straw Hats” come from?
StrawHats name was inspired by the Manga “One Piece”. StrawHats is THE Pirate crew!
– What makes Straw Hats different from any other guild in TLBB? If you would like to convince a player to join you guys, what would you say about Straw Hats to persuade him?
We are a international friendly guild that helps our members by introducing them to ingame events, the world of TLBB and frequently offer advice when its needed.
– How many players does your guild currently have?
We currently have 160 members.
– Where are the Guild members from?
Our members are from all over europe England, Bulgaria, Romania to name a few and also members as far as Philipines and Singapore.
– If someone would like to join Straw Hats – what are your requirements and how can a person apply?
We currently adhere to lvl35+ members so we have people around the same levels and can participate on events together. They may apply at Lou Yang City – Guild NPC ‘Just Fan’
– Thank you for this interview and good luck in the future!
Thanks and I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one from the guild who contributed greatly. Especially Stupple, Liz, Jing, Muha, Ramzes, Jen, IceQueen, Darkk and BULLDOG.



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