Meet the TLBB mascots

27 05 2010

“mas·cot (mskt, -kt) n. A person, animal, or object believed to bring good luck, especially one kept as the symbol of an organization such as a sports team.”

In late 2009 ChangYou, the publisher of TLBB has searched high and low to find the best suitable pet to bring the Asia’s top MMO fans luck during their long struggles against foes in the ancient China lore. The quest has lead the developer to the Chengdu Research Institute of Giant Panda Breeding.

ChangYou(NASDAQ: CYOU) has decided to adopt to pandas – Tian Tian and Long Long. The two charming one-year olds have been adopted by the company and their growth to mature bears has became a symbol of the game’s growth to one of Asia’s most popular MMORPGs with over 50 million accounts registered!

In a press conference, Zhenglin Xia, deputy Supervisor from Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center, expressed thanks to ChangYou’s charitable activity.  He said although this was the first cooperation of this sort for the institute, TLBB’s pupularity, has enable to draw a lot of attention to Tian Tian and Long Long helping them to become real animal celebrities!

Tian Tian:

Age: 1.5 years old

Gender: Female

Weight: 27 kg

This round faced cub is kind in nature but also very greedy when it comes to food! Tian Tian always finishes her meal first and loves fighting for extra portions.

Long Long:

Age: 1.5 years old

Gender: Female

Weight: 28kg

This big eared fellow is gentle but also very active loving to climb trees and play all days.



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