More interviews!

11 05 2010

Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer… friend or foe you will surely know Vincie and Fish who are top level players in the Dragon server!

Enjoy the interview…

Sanzaburo: Hi! Please introduce yourself! How old are you, where do you play from?
Vincie: I’m 26 years old, I play from Germany.
Fish: Hi I’m fish, this year I will be 20 years old, and I play from Belgium.

Sanzaburo: Where and how did you find out about the game? How long have you been playing TLBB?
Vincie: We are looking for TLBB Server from EU for a long time, because I have already played TLBB by Chinese Server for 1 year, but the lower internet speed to Chinese Server made me often uncomfortable. Then we found TLBB EU Server at closed beta, it’s really have fun with high speed playing.
Fish: My friend introduced TLBB for me and I played from TLBB open beta start.

Sanzaburo: What class do you currently play and why did you choose it? What’s your favorite skill?
Vincie: I’m playing right now by Lotus Order, because by our team need someone for healing, for 1 year played TLBB in Chinese Server, we knew that we get stronger and for better experiences must have a good team, and healing for the others is very important. Three Pronged Assault is the best skill that i like. but i knew the 45 skill Divine Vitality for Lotus in Lunar Bible is the best of the best skill, please take it out as soon as possible in our Sever.
Fish: I’m Minstrel, I choose Minstrel because I like ranged classes. My favorite skill is Target.

Sanzaburo: What do you like the most about TLBB, what makes you keep playing it?
Vincie: There are many reason, the beautiful scene, the powerful skills, traditional Chinese culture and so on…
Fish: The best thing I like is the possibility to PK and I also made a lot of friends in game.

Sanzaburo: What kind of play do you like best? PvP, instances, quests or just slashing random monsters?
Vincie: Instances and killing bosses like the one in Yan Tomb and Dragon Tortoise….
Fish: I like to play PvP.

Sanzaburo: How much time daily or weekly do you spend playing the game?
Vincie: Right now I spend about 8hours everyday.
Fish: I play everyday, but the hours depend on my free time.

Sanzaburo: Can you give a few tips to all those aspiring to have such a high level as yours (85!)?
Vincie: Get a good team and good teamwork.
Fish: I was hardcore leveling every day with my friends.

Sanzaburo: Ok! Thanks for this little chat, hope to see you in game soon!
Vincie: Thanks! Bye!
Fish: Thank you. See you.



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