All aboard the TLBB ship of vouchers!

18 02 2010

We said we would be full of surprises and we aim to please! So, from the 18th of February to the 19th of March 2010, TLBB has organised a Facebook Fans competition giving you a chance to win one of the £20 Amazon Vouchers we have up for grabs. This is SO easy Facebookers, just one click and you’re there!

If the total number of TLBB Facebook Fans ( reaches 500 by the end of the competition, then ten of those lucky buddies will be randomly selected to receive one voucher each. We hear that ‘Amazon’ site’s not short of a thing or two to sell on there.

To increase your chances of winning, why not ask a friend to participate and who knows, you might both be walking away with £40 worth of vouchers between you! It’s THAT easy. But hey don’t worry, you won’t have to share it with anyone if you don’t want to.

Please remember, the total number of TLBB Facebook fans must reach a minimum of 500 to trigger the giveaway.

Best of luck and happy fanning… is that a word? It is now… 😉

– The TLBB Facebook Fan Page must have 500 fans by midday 8th March 2010
– 10 winners will be selected at random from the fans
– If the target is not reached, no one wins
– Winners will be announced on 19/03/10
– Winners will be notified via a Private Message on Facebook

The ChangYou (EU) Team will provide the winners with their vouchers worth £20, which are only usable on You can find all the Amazon Gift Certificate Terms and conditions HERE



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