a little xiē

3 02 2010

As we announced some time ago – we will be updating our blog with short Mandarin lessons on regular basis, all provided by learnchineseeveryday.com.

What does it have to be with a MMORPG called TLBB?
– TLBB is not only a game people play allongside each other – it’s a networking game where people play WITH each other – helping one another and socializing. We are all about you – the community, and we want what’s best for you. It takes only a few minutes a day to quickly read about a new character, but knowning a new language and exploring a new culture – well, you know… it’s priceless 😉

Pronunciation : xiē
Meaning :

1. some; a few. (measure word)
2. a little more; a little (used after adjectives). (measure word)

Radical : 二
Strokes : 8
Usage : 61.0%

Visit Learn Chinese Everyday for more lessons!



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