Marriage by TLBB

1 02 2010

Remember our marriage competition?

The objective was to get married in game during the specified period and send us the details to get a chance to win a very own avatar look-a-like.

Well, we waited a while to announce the winners but now that the avatars are ready and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner the time is right to officially congratulate: Beeraa and BeardedBee!

Where are you guys from?
Beera: England.
How long have you been together?
Beera: About a year.
How long have you and your boyfriend been playing TLBB?
Beera: I installed the game on 30th October and he started playing similar time.
Do you often play together?
Beera: All the time 😉
What keeps you playing the game?
Beera: Haha, trying to create a perfect high level character!
What do you like in TLBB the most?
Beera: All the creatures and scenery is really pretty
Are you both going to use your avatars after the wipe in Open Beta?
Beera: Of course!

Here is the picture we got from the winning couple…

And these are the avatars that will be available in game from 20th February!



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