TLBB on Valentine’s Day

28 01 2010

To be or not to TLBB…

For some it’s the time for poems and love songs

But in the New Moon, enemies always swarm in throngs!

This February when Cupid takes aim,

Buff up, draw your weapon and do the same!

Knock him down hard with your class skills,

Even on Valentine’s Day TLBB players’ seek thrills!

This February, when you’re done with Cupid – find time to put down your weapon and pickup a pen.

To celebrate the warmth and fuzziness of Valentine’s Day the TLBB Community Team would like to invite you to submit your poetry about TLBB or anything regarding the game… write about your pet, favorite NPC, your best team mate, or your awesome weapon!

All entries have to be at least 4 lines long and have to be posted in the correct thread on the forum between 5th and 14th February.

Everyone will get a reward for their contribution, and on Monday 15th February morning we will select the best three poems for the main prize – TLBB Plush Toys!

Sweet memories…

Have you always wanted to re-live that special moment when you and your loved one pledged an everlasting love for one another?

TLBB is giving you the opportunity to do just that!

Simply go to Luo Yang and find Le Chi. Then select “Wedding Again?”, use a Supreme Wedding Card, 52 Gold, 5 Silver and 20 Copper to start your wedding Parade of Roses!

New Item: The Love Story

Married players will receive a unique ring as a reward. This ring will carry different enhancements depending on the level of the wedding.


Players will need to spend 1 Love Story and 10 Gold the first time round. If a player wants to experience the Parade of Roses again, they will need 2 Love Story and 20 Gold and so on…

Players can participate in the Parade of Roses for up to 9 times a day.

The first 3 Parade of Roses will be of a standard scale, the 4th and 5th of a medium scale and the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th will be of luxury scale.

Please follow the link for more information on how to get married.

A promise to your loved one…

Love is a potion the TLBB Europe Team simply can’t bear to be without and so this February, we’ve prepared an extra special Valentines treat for you. Get in touch with your romantic side guys and girls as we descend on a journey which knows no bounds!

During this event, players at Level 20 (or above) will need to seek out Love-Junior in Luo Yang (170,102) to receive the coveted “Cupid’s Arrow”. Once you’ve snapped up the dart of love, you may only use it on another player of different gender to be able to carry the “Cupid’s Kiss”. Once both players have this status, they will be able to couple up and find Love-Junior to ask for the special awards on offer. Enjoy your gifts and remember, each character will be entitled to one “Cupid’s Arrow” every day, which can be used a maximum of 3 times.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day Fireworks & Valentine’s Day “Savory” Fashion.



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