TLBB Unleashes Closed Beta Stage!

27 01 2010

You’ve fought with honour, become a Winter Legend overnight and welcomed the New Year with a bang. Now join TLBB Europe for its Closed Beta experience set to be full of wonderful gifts and prizes! ‘Exciting times’ is an understatement failing to describe the journey TLBB has embarked on up until now. With a wealth of support and feedback the game has received in recent months, ChangYou EU is set for big things in 2010.

Currently in its successful pre-closed beta stage, ancient Chinese martial arts based MMO, TLBB, have just announced their much anticipated closed beta start date overflowing with a number of gifts and prizes just waiting to be snapped up by its users to enjoy as added bonuses. From 10am on February 2nd 2010, players will have the chance to enjoy TLBB during its prize packed Closed Beta phase running through to the highly anticipated Open Beta period in the upcoming months. As well as this, and to add more kick than a Shaolin roundhouse, ChangYou EU are offering one lucky winner the chance to own a TLBB engraved iPod Nano during a 2 week “See the Moon” event running until the 16th of February 2010. As an added incentive, the winner’s name will also be engraved as a reminder of their achievements within TLBB, plus have the chance to win 1 of 10 snazzy and specially designed TLBB T-shirts up for grabs.

To be in for a chance to win one of these exceptional prizes, players will simply need to log in to the New Moon server and reach a minimum of level 10 for the T-shirts and level 11 for the iPod Nano.

ChangYou’s European headquarters understands how tired the in-game avatars can become – what with all the fighting and running around from city to city of course – and are therefore offering gamers the chance to win one of 20 exclusive polar bear mounts to help preserve energy. They are all in tip top condition, so please take good care of them.

All winners will be picked at random and announced on the TLBB website on February 26th 2010. Players will be informed whether or not they are mount winners after logging into their accounts from the given dates.

Happy gaming and look forward to seeing you at the closed beta stage on February 2nd!



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